Organizing Notes into Sections and Folders

As you work with OneNote over time, you might collect notes about a wide variety of topics, and your virtual notebook could get disorganized. To help you keep track of them, you can divide your notebook into sections and folders. Sections can contain one or more pages or groups of pages. Folders can contain pages, sections, or other folders.

In this exercise, you will create a new section to record the notes you take while evaluating prospective vendors . You will also create a folder to store information related to the events you plan for The Garden Company.

BE SURE TO start OneNote before beginning this exercise.

  1. On the Insert menu, click New Section .

    OneNote creates a new section as a tab at the top of the note page, ready for you to name .

  2. Type Vendor Visits as the section name, and press [ENTER].

  3. Right-click the new section tab, point to Section Color on the shortcut menu, and click Magenta .

  4. In the Title box, type Vendor Name Here .

    click to expand
  5. On the Insert menu, click New Folder .

    OneNote creates a new folder as a tab at the top of the note page, ready for you to name.


    The folder icon on the folder tabs helps you distinguish them from section tabs.

  6. Type Event Planning as the folder name, and press [ENTER].

  7. Right-click the Flower and Garden Show section tab, and click Move on the shortcut menu.

    The Move Section To dialog box appears.

  8. In the Move section to list, select the Event Planning folder, and click Move .

    click to expand

    You can create a folder and move a section to your new folder in one process. Simply right-click the section tab, and click Move. In the Move Section To dialog box, click the Create New Folder button. When prompted, name the folder. Then select that folder in the Move Section To list, and click the Move button.

  9. The Flower and Garden Show section is no longer visible because it is contained within the Event Planning folder.

  10. Click the Event Planning tab.

    The Event Planning folder opens, displaying the Flower and Garden Show tab.

  11. Click the down arrow to the right of the folder name.

    The drop-down list shows all the sections and folders in your notebook.

    click to expand
  12. In the list, click Meetings .

    The Meetings section is displayed, and the Event Planning folder again appears as a tab at the top of the page.

CLOSE OneNote.

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