Who Should Read this Book?

If you're new to the Visual C++ language, plain and simple, this book is for you. The software world is changing, and learning a new language is hard enough without getting unnecessarily bogged down with a complex set of old technologies before you learn about the new ones.

If you're an experienced Visual C++ programmer, this book is also for you. Microsoft is changing your world. This book will show you these changes. You'll find many books on the market that try to teach you how to force your old world into this new one. This book isn't one of those. Instead, you'll learn the right way to develop .NET code, as the only focus here is the new world: .NET development.

This book is for Visual C++ programmers who don't care about COM, DCOM, COM+, or ActiveX components, either because they already know them or because they never had any reason to learn to code them. You'll use a pure .NET development environment. The only time you'll use components is when you access them—a necessary evil, as there are thousands of them out there that may never be converted to .NET.

This book is also for the (gasp!) non-Microsoft C++ developer who wants to dive into the .NET world without getting bogged down with all the things that he or she disliked about pre-.NET Windows development.

Managed C++ and. NET Development
Managed C++ and .NET Development: Visual Studio .NET 2003 Edition
ISBN: 1590590333
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 169

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