Chapter 2. Essential Photoshop Tips and Tricks: Making Photoshop Fly

2. Essential Photoshop Tips and Tricks: Making Photoshop Fly

In the previous chapter, we talked about tweaking the hardware to speed up your work. Hardware is important, and few applications make heavier demands on it than does Photoshop, but the biggest speed bump you can make to Photoshop is to accelerate the wetware: the component that exists between keyboard and chairin short, gentle reader, the most important part of any digital imaging system: your good self.

If you get paid by the hour, rather than by the amount of work accomplished, you may want to skip this chapter. If you want to realize the full potential of Photoshop as a lean, mean, pixel-processing machine, read on! We'll break you of the habit of choosing tools by clicking on their icons, and help you avoid those lengthy mouse voyages up to the menu bar.

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