Are we done yet?! Those are the words that kept playing through my head the last several months as this wonderful revision was being written and put together. It's not an easy task to do a worthy follow-up to the best-selling MX book of 2002 (according to It took a lot of time and effort by everybody on the writing, editing, and production team to create this book, and hopefully the passion of everyone involved to do their absolute best shows in the product you hold in your hands. I think it does! Whew! It has taken a lot out of me, personally, but not enough to forget my manners and to thank everyone who was involved. They know who they are, but you might not. Jobe, who could ask for a better co-author, seriously? Angela and Robin, you both did such a great job editing! Thank you for your hard work and patience. To all the rest of the team, please know that I wish I could list all of your names, but you know how those pesky editors are about conserving space. Just be aware that I am very thankful to all of you. And finally, a big "thank you" to you, the reader. Your continued support is always appreciated.

Derek Franklin

Yes Derek, we are done! It's a great feeling to look back on everything that we have accomplished in this book. You are an author and an artist! As always, we could not have done this alone. There are some amazing people whose efforts and support have contributed as much during the creation of this book as the authors'. Thank you, Angela, for keeping us all on track. Robin, you really have done an amazing job with the editing. Thanks also to the technical editors, Steve Heckler and Jeff Tapper. I thank my colleagues at for some very helpful conceptual programming conversations.

It would not have been possible to keep my sanity during this process without the support of my family. A big thanks to everyone! Kelly, thank you for your sweet luvin'. Free, you da dog!

Jobe Makar

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ActionScript(c) Training from the Source
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ActionScript: Training from the Source
ISBN: 0321213432
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Year: 2005
Pages: 182

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