6.9 Site Reports

6.9 Site Reports

Dreamweaver 4 implements a new system of site reporting. You can open the Site Reports dialog box, shown in Figure 6-18, by selecting Site figs/u2192.gif Reports.

Figure 6-18. The Reports dialog box

Reports can be generated for the Current Document, Entire Local Site, Selected Files in Site, or a specified Folder. Each of these scopes can have any or all of the following reports generated for it.

Two Workflow Reports are available:

Checked Out By

Creates a report listing files that have been checked out but not yet checked back in. The Report Settings button in the dialog box allows you to limit the report to files checked out by a particular user .

Design Notes

Creates a report containing Design Notes that meet the specified criteria. The Report Settings button in the dialog box leads to the Design Notes Report Options dialog box, shown in Figure 6-19, where you can limit the search. In the left-most column, specify a property name from the name /value pairs you've used in your Design Notes. Figure 6-19 shows how to search for Design Notes with a status of "needs attention." You can also search for notes that contain a particular string. You can search using several matching schemes, including regular expressions (see Table 7-1).

Figure 6-19. Design Notes Report Options dialog box

There are five available HTML Reports:

Combinable Nested Font Tags

Creates a report of all nested <font> elements within the scope of the report that should be merged

Missing Alt Text

Creates a report of all missing alt attributes associated with <img> elements or other objects that require an alt attribute for compatibility with HTML 4

Redundant Nested Tags

Creates a report of all redundant nested tags that should be merged, such as: <small><small>my text</small></small>

Removable Empty Tags

Creates a report of all empty elements that should be removed, such as <div> elements with no content

Untitled Documents

Creates a report of all documents that have empty <title> elements or whose <title> element is set to "Untitled Document"

A sample Reports Results dialog box is shown in Figure 6-20.

Figure 6-20. Reports Results dialog box

The Reports Result dialog box shows problematic files and the line number on which the problem exists. You can open a document that needs adjusting by double-clicking its name. To help find the problematic line in Code view, turn on line numbering using View figs/u2192.gif Code View Options figs/u2192.gif Line Numbers. You can then make the necessary repairs in either Code view or Design view. To remove redundant tags, use the Cleanup HTML command, shown in Figure 7-1.

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