18.2 Code Colors Preferences

The Preferences dialog box's Code Colors category sets the colors used for HTML code shown in Code view (View figs/u2192.gif Code View) and the Code Inspector. Table 18-1 lists the default colors. These colors are applied as you edit HTML code and can be applied to documents created outside Dreamweaver using the Commands figs/u2192.gif Apply Source Formatting menu command. They do not affect Design view.

Table 18-1. Code Colors defaults



Used for


#FFFFFF (white)

Background of Code pane and Code Inspector.


#000000 (black)

Tag contents, such as text within <body> tags and JavaScript elements that are not keywords or strings.


#808080 (gray)

Items within <!-- and

--> tags.

Tag Default

#000080 (dark blue)

Tags and attributes for which a Tag Specific color has not been set.

Script Reserved Keywords

#0000FF (blue)

Reserved JavaScript keywords, such as var .

Script Other Keywords

#800000 (brick red)

JavaScript functions names such as close and eval .

Script Strings

#008000 (green)

Literal strings within quotes, such as "Hello world" .

To set the color used for a specific HTML tag, highlight a tag name in the Tag column of the Tag Specific list, and configure the following options:

Tag Specific color

Select the Default color (the Tag Default color) or a custom color. The Tag Specific color is used to display the tag and the attributes within it.

Apply Color to Tag Contents

If enabled, applies the Tag Specific color to the contents; otherwise , tag contents use the Text color. For example, this option sets the color of text within <p> and </p> tags in Code view (but does not affect Design view).

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