Other Display Preferences

You can also set options in iPhoto's Preferences window that affect how the display pane looks.

From the iPhoto application menu, choose Preferences () to open the Preferences window; you can find display preferences in both the General and Appearance panes (Figure 3.7 and Figure 3.8).

Figure 3.7. Use the Sources settings in iPhoto's General preference pane to control the Last Months and Last Rolls albums, and the display of the item count next to source names.

Figure 3.8. The Appearance pane of iPhoto's Preferences window provides settings that control how iPhoto draws and scrolls through photos, and the size of source name text.

Display preferences you can change:

  • In the General pane, use the Sources controls to manage which of the Last Roll/Months albums appear and how many rolls or months they contain.

  • Select Show Item Counts to append the number of photos in each album, smart album, folder, book, card, calendar, and slideshow after its name in the Source pane.

  • In the Appearance pane, select Outline and/or Drop Shadow border styles, and use the Background slider to change the darkness of the background.

  • To align all your photos to a regular grid in which the width of the widest picture sets the width for all photos, check the Align Photos to Grid checkbox.

  • Use the Show Scrolling Information checkbox to toggle whether the translucent information pop-up appears when scrolling.

  • The Use Animated Scrolling option makes scrolling via the Page Up and Page Down keys smoother.

  • If you have many albums, set Source Text to Small so you can see more at once.

Most Recent Photos Checkbox

A long-standing preference has disappeared in iPhoto 6: the Place Most Recent Photos at the Top checkbox. Now, to change the order in which photos appear, use the Ascending and Descending items in the Sort submenu of the View menu.

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