Changing the Display Pane s Layout

Changing the Display Pane's Layout

One of iPhoto's slickest features is the slider that enables you to change the size of the thumbnails, but you can do other things to change the way the display pane looks.

To change the display pane layout:

  • Move the size slider (or click in the desired location) to adjust the size of the thumbnails from a single image (which automatically hides titles and keywords) at the largest (Figure 3.3) all the way down to as many photos as fit in the window at postage stamp size (Figure 3.4).

    Figure 3.3. To view one image at a time in organize mode, move the size slider all the way to the right, or press the 1 key.

    Figure 3.4. To view as many thumbnails as possible, move the size slider all the way to the left or press the 0 (zero) key.

  • To show or hide titles, ratings, keywords, and film rolls (Figure 3.5) (film rolls only when in the Library album), choose the desired item from the View menu.

    Figure 3.5. Turn off display of titles, ratings, keywords, and film rolls in the View menu for an uncluttered look.

  • To add or remove a sharing tool from the toolbar, choose the item from the Show in Toolbar menu in the View menu (Figure 3.6).

    Figure 3.6. Choose which sharing tools you want in the toolbar using the Show in Toolbar menu.


  • You can shrink the Source pane by dragging its handle (next to the word "Source") to the left. Expand it by dragging back to the right.

  • Viewing titles in the display pane isn't useful when you use smaller thumbnail sizes, but remember that the current photo's title is in the Information pane.

  • Film roll separators help show where you are in the Photo Library, so I recommend leaving them showing and giving them names. -click a film roll expansion triangle to hide or show all film rolls.

  • Play with different settings for the size slider to find a setting that fits your monitor size and working style.

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