Launching iPhoto

Once you have installed iPhoto, the next step is to launch it. The first time you launch iPhoto differs from subsequent launches.

Ways to launch iPhoto:

  • Double-click the iPhoto icon in your Applications folder.

  • If iPhoto's icon already appears in your Dock, click the Dock's iPhoto icon.

  • Drag the iPhoto icon to your Dock to add it to the Dock permanently, and then click the Dock's iPhoto icon.

iPhoto's initial launch

The first time iPhoto ever launches, it gives you a choice of what happens when you connect your camera to your Mac (Figure 1.6). The choice you make here sets your "Hot Plug Action."

Figure 1.6. Select whether or not you want iPhoto to launch automatically when you connect your digital camera or insert a memory card into a card reader.

Hot Plug choices:

  • Click Yes to set iPhoto to launch automatically when you connect your camera.

  • Click No to leave your Hot Plug Action setting the way it is right now (probably set to launch Image Capture).

  • Click Decide Later to have iPhoto ask you this question again on the next launch.


  • You can reset the Hot Plug Action in the preferences of Apple's Image Capture application.

  • iPhoto 6 upgrades your iPhoto Library on the first launch; to avoid causing problems, don't interrupt the relatively slow upgrade process or work in other iLife applications while it's upgrading.

Recovering Photos on Upgrade

When iPhoto 6 upgrades your iPhoto Library, if it finds photos that aren't properly tracked in iPhoto's database, it offers to recover them. I strongly encourage you to agree to the recovery, since it's a fast way of getting all those lost photos back. When it's done, iPhoto puts the photos in an album called Recovered Photos.

In some cases, the recovered photos may actually be duplicates, at which point you can easily delete them. To figure out which are duplicates, search on the filename of the photo (it's usually the sequential number assigned by your camera). If only the recovered photo appears in the search results, you know it's unique and should be kept; if two or more photos that are obvious duplicates show up, you can probably delete any extras.

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