Exporting to Web Pages

Although iWeb can create Web pages you can upload to your own server, iPhoto has a built-in way of doing this as well that's simple and effective, even if its results aren't as visually interesting.

To export photos to Web pages:


Select an album or the individual photos you wish to publish via the Web.


Choose Export from the File menu ().

iPhoto shows the Export Photos dialog.


If it's not selected, click the Web Page tab (Figure 5.40).

Figure 5.40. Use the options in the Web Page tab of the Export Photos dialog to set how your photos will appear on the Web page.


Enter the title for your Web page.


Enter the desired number of columns and rows of photo thumbnails.


If desired, select a background color or image.


Select the maximum width and height for the thumbnails and the full-size images.


Select the Show Title and Show Comment checkboxes as desired.


Click Export, navigate to the desired destination folder (it's best to create a new folder inside your user directory's Sites folder), and click OK.

iPhoto exports the photos and builds the appropriate HTML files, naming everything for the enclosing folder.


Switch to the Finder, open the folder in which you saved your Web page, and double-click the HTML file to open it in your Web browser (Figure 5.41).

Figure 5.41. To see how your Web page turned out, switch to the Finder, open your destination folder, and double-click the HTML file inside it. To view an image at full size, click its thumbnail.


If necessary, upload the folder to your Web site using an FTP program like Interarchy (www.interarchy.com).

Managing Plug-ins

To manage plug-ins, select iPhoto in the Finder, choose Get Info () from the File menu, and use the checkboxes and buttons in the Plug-ins pane to enable, disable, install, and uninstall the plug-ins.

For a listing of plug-ins, check out the iPhoto Plugins News blog at http://wheezersociety.blogs.com/iphoto_plugins/.

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