Publishing Photo Pages with iWeb

iPhoto's integration with iWeb is similar to its integration with iDVD: it just hands off selected photos. You can create two types of pages when starting from within iPhoto: photo pages and blog pages.

To publish a photo page:


Select an album or the individual photos you wish to publish.


From the Share menu's Send to iWeb submenu, choose Photo Page.

iPhoto launches iWeb, creates a new page, and asks you to select a template (Figure 5.31).

Figure 5.31. After sending photos to iWeb, choose a template for your photo page.


Select a template and click Choose.

iWeb imports the photos and presents you with a page that simulates your eventual photo Web page (Figure 5.32).

Figure 5.32. In iWeb, edit the text blocks that name and describe your page.


Edit the various text blocks for the page name, description, and photo titles as desired (click a block twice to edit it).


From the File menu choose either Publish to .Mac or Publish to Folder.

If you choose Publish to .Mac, iPhoto uploads your pictures to your iDisk, and, when it's done, shows a dialog that tells you the URL for your page and offers to let you visit the page or announce it.

If you choose Publish to Folder, iWeb asks for a location and saves the HTML and image files to the folder, which you can then upload manually to any Web server.


  • For more details about iWeb, see Steven Sande's Take Control of iWeb at

More Tips

  • Web-based slideshows are cooler when uploaded to .Mac than when displayed on another Web site. iWeb's built-in page counter also works only on .Mac.

  • It's best to give your photos titles in iPhoto, rather than in iWeb, in case you wish to use the photos for any other purpose where titles would be helpful.

  • Arrange your photos as desired (left to right, top to bottom) in iPhoto before you send them to iWeb.

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