Looking at Symbols in the Library

You can view the symbols within your FLA file in the library, which is opened using Ctrl+L (or Command+L on the Mac). An icon and name represent each symbol, and you can tell what kind of asset the symbol is by referring to the Kind column. The Use Count column lets you know how many instances of a symbol are used throughout the document. Linkage lets you know whether the item is exported, associated with a shared library, or even linked to something in the FLA file (such as a component). You will learn more about linkage later in the book.


To make sure that your use counts update automatically, from the Library Options menu, select Keep Use Counts Updated.

Button and movie clip symbol instances can be named in the Property inspector. You give them a unique name in the Property inspector's <Instance Name> field so you can target the symbol using ActionScript. An instance name is different from the name you give a symbol when you initially create it. The name in the library really is just for people to use for organization, and although an instance on the Stage can be named the same as the master symbol in the library, each instance name you create after that for the same master symbol must be unique, or else things stop working. You will learn more about naming instances in Lesson 6.

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Macromedia Flash 8: Training from the Source
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