Lesson2.Creating Graphics

Lesson 2. Creating Graphics

What good is an application or a document without graphics? Graphics serve so many purposes in any interface, from providing users visual cues, to interacting with the application, to evoking moods or sensations or other emotional states. And although it's true that you don't need graphics to develop an application in Macromedia Flash, it's just as true that your application lacks life without graphics. Human beings are visual by nature, after all.

In this lesson, you will use the Flash drawing tools to produce graphics of your own. You will also import and optimize bitmaps that were already created for you. All the graphics that you create and import in this lesson will be used for the main layout, logo animation, and menu system for the project that you will be building though the course. You will also learn how to use Flash tools and panels to manipulate graphics and make use of layers to create a mask effect. Finally, you will use the Library panel to organize your assets.

The finished background

Macromedia Flash 8. Training from the Source
Macromedia Flash 8: Training from the Source
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