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An author, trainer, and consultant specializing in knowledge management and collaboration technologies, Bill English (MCSE, MCT, CTT+, MVP, GSEC) is the owner of Networknowledge (www.networknowledge.com), a consulting and training business dedicated to planning, architecting, and securing information for companies of all sizes. He has authored/coauthored eight books, including the The Administrator's Guide to SharePoint Portal Server 2001. Bill has been given the prestigious Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft for his work on the SharePoint Portal Server platform. Bill is also the owner of a very popular Web site dedicated to SharePoint Portal Server (www.sharepointknowledge.com). Bill lives in Nowthen, Minnesota, with his wife and two children.


Olga Londer, MCSE/MCT, is a principal technologist at QA, the UK's biggest independent IT training company. Olga has been involved with Web development, infrastructure, and authoring since 1992, and has seen and worked with all leading products in this area. In 1993, Olga wrote the first Internet training course in the UK. She has authored most of QA's courses on Web development, design, and support, including "Building an Effective Website," "Intranet Technologies and Services," "E-commerce Masterclass," and many others. As a consultant, Olga has been a technical lead for numerous projects for blue-chip clients. Her current responsibilities include teaching, consulting, and technical leadership for the Internet/e-commerce curriculum at QA. Olga holds an M.S. in applied math and computer science, and has over 15 years of experience in IT consulting and training.


Shawn Shell is an industry-recognized expert in the area of content management and on Microsoft's Content Management Server. He leads Dell Professional Services' Content Management practice, a nationally focused competency practice that leverages the group's expertise in content management solutions to help clients achieve business objectives. Shawn has been with Dell for more than three years, following an 11-year career at Warner-Lambert Company. Shawn joined Warner-Lambert Company (now Pfizer) in 1989 as a help desk analyst. Throughout his career, he held various positions within divisional and corporate information technology groups, from running the Legal Division's help desk to managing a divisional data center and participating in a cross-divisional team to develop Warner-Lambert's standard desktop. In 1999, Shawn became the Manager of Internet/Intranet Technologies, responsible for Warner-Lambert.com, the global intranet, and various product-specific sites like Trident.COM. In addition to his time at Warner-Lambert Company, Shawn has been a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University's Department of Computer Science and an instructor at the Rutgers Internet Institute.


With over a decade of Microsoft-centric software development in his wake, Todd C. Bleeker, Ph.D., is regarded as an innovative, resourceful, and competitive IT executive with an intense desire to excel. Early in his career, Todd built shrewd customer service solutions for P&G, pioneered new technologies to revolutionize the transportation logistics systems for Fingerhut, shaped the disease management tools for UHG (United Healthcare), and drove the human capital procurement vision to an internationalized, commercial-grade, global solution for Itiliti (now PeopleClick). Currently the CTO for International Project Consulting Services, Inc. (http://ipcs.net), Todd manages offshore software development operations in New Delhi, India, while actively participating in various roles on stateside and Canadian projects. For instance, Todd recently architected the software that Air Canada uses to track its roughly $30 million of annual in-flight cash sales. From a content management perspective, Todd helped the State of Minnesota webify and manage over 40,000 pages of systems documentation; implemented on behalf of Microsoft Consulting Services an MCMS solution for Bank of Montreal, AnytimeLoan.com, and Bancsoft; and presented on Web Services and MCMS at TechEd 2003. In his spare time, Todd loves to soak up whatever technology Microsoft is churning out and spend countless hours in Minnesota with his wife, Kathryn, and six "high energy" children: Landis, Lake, Lissa, Logan, Lawson, and Lexa.


Stephen Cawood is a Microsoft employee and has been working with Microsoft Content Management Server for over four years. Stephen joined the MCMS product team as a Web developer and has recently transitioned to the role of program manager. He is currently focused on MCMS security. Over the last few years, Stephen has spoken at the University of Washington Graduate Studies Department and at conferences such as the MCMS Technical Airlift and Microsoft TechEd.

Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. A Complete Guide
Microsoft Content Management Server 2002: A Complete Guide
ISBN: 0321194446
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 298

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