11. Patent resources

11. Patent resources

If you’re interested in hands-on, step-by-step instructions on applying for a patent, you may want to consult one of these Nolo resources:

  • Patent It Yourself, by David Pressman

  • Patent Pending in 24 Hours, by Richard Stim and David Pressman

  • The Patent Drawing Book, by Jack Lo and David Pressman

  • The Inventor’s Notebook, by Fred Grissom and David Pressman

  • License Your Invention, by Richard Stim

  • Patent Searching Made Easy, by David Hitchcock, and

  • Nolo’s Patents for Beginners, by David Pressman and Richard Stim.

A detailed description of these resources is provided in the Introduction, Section C. (Order information is at the back of this book.)

If you have access to the World Wide Web, you may find valuable information related to patents in the following sites:

  1. Nolo (www.nolo.com). Nolo offers self-help information about a wide variety of legal topics, including patent law. (See the intellectual property topic in the Legal Encyclopedia, which incidentally includes selected entries from this part of the book.)

  2. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (www.uspto.gov). This is the place to go for recent policy and statutory changes and transcripts of hearings on various patent law issues. You may also use this site to conduct a search of patents issued since 1971.

  3. PatentCafe (www.patentcafe.com). This inventor-friendly site offers patent resources and information.

  4. Software Patent Institute (www.spi.org). This site lets you search for previous software developments that may affect whether a particular software item qualifies for a patent.

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