Opening Title Deko

Opening Title Deko (or Pro if it is installed) is a simple matter of clicking the Toolbar button or using the keyboard shortcut. Once you open Title Deko, it takes over your monitor with a full-sized interface (Figures 10.3a and 3b).

Figure 10.3a. The Title Deko interface.

Figure 10.3b. The Title Deko interface (buttons detail).

To open Title Deko

Do one of the following:

  • Press F2 on the keyboard.

  • Click the Character Generator button on the Liquid Edition Toolbar.


  • By default, the background of the Title Deko editor displays whatever is underneath the timeline cursor. If this happens to be a blank space in the Timeline, the background is black; if not, video from the Timeline is displayed as a single frame (Figure 10.4).

    Figure 10.4. When video is present on the Timeline, you see a single frame in Title Deko.

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