Writing this book has been a lot of work, and I couldn't have done it without the help of many people. This project was initiated by Pearson, and it never would have started without the research done by Andrew Wait, who found my blog and brought me to the attention of his father at Pearson. The readers of my blog have also been a great help, as their questions and feedback have helped me hone my thinking about AJAX. The HTML_AJAX project was also important in my growth as an AJAX developer; Laurent Yaish and Arpad Ray have helped me with it, and our talks led to a number of improvements in this book.

I would especially like to thank Mark L. Taub of Pearson Education for initiating this project and walking this first-time author through the many steps that it takes to complete a book. Mark has a wealth of knowledge, and I wouldn't have made it through the process without him. The production teams at Pearson did an excellent job and were a pleasure to work with. Terra Dalton was the production editor, Alan Clements designed the book's cover, Daniel Knott helped with the figures, and Curt Johnson managed the marketing.

I had a lot of help during the writing process; Sheri Cain was my development editor and helped me improve my writing abilities. Arnold Robbins, the series editor, provided a lot of great feedback at the end of the writing process, helping me improve the rough spots and greatly increasing the focus and quality of the book. Myles Grant and David Coallier were my technical reviewers and gave a lot of useful feedback.

I would also like to thank Travis Swicegood and Gordon Forsythe, my coworkers at Uversa, who have shown me many new ways to use AJAX while building Clearhealth. Finally I would like to thank my wife, Megan, for putting up with my complaints when I was tired of working on the book and for always encouraging me to put more effort into it.

Joshua Eichorn

Phoenix, Arizona

Understanding AJAX(c) Using JavaScript to Create Rich Internet Applications
Understanding AJAX: Using JavaScript to Create Rich Internet Applications
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