Chapter 4: Disk Configuration

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In this chapter, we discuss aspects of DASD configuration that must be considered when running Domino under Linux in the zSeries environment. We discuss concepts and factors which are of concern at the z/VM and Linux levels. We also describe how to organize the Domino data to get the most out of your Domino for Linux on zSeries infrastructure by exploiting z/VM.

4.1 Introduction

DASD planning is a very important task and has a great influence on the overall performance of the Domino server. During the development of this redbook, we had a great deal of discussion about how to configure and lay out the filesystems. Linux can be run under z/VM, or as a standalone operation system. In this project, we worked primarily with Linux under VM. However, most of our discussions about disk issues apply to both VM and standalone Linux, and relate to zSeries hardware configuration. z/VM, with its minidisk architecture and Linux's logical volume manager (LVM) capability, offers many choices of how to configure your DASD. VM and Linux consideration

In the following sections, we discuss the z/VM and Linux perspective of DASD management. We introduce the concept of VM minidisks and the use of virtual disks for temporary data. Furthermore, we highlight how to configure the LVM under Linux, so that you can group multiple DASD volumes into one logical volume for Linux and the Domino server.

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