Chapter 16: More Windows Applications with Visual C

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Chapter 15 introduced you to Windows programming with Visual C++. You should have learned the basics of Windows programming, specifically with dialog applications. This chapter will build on that basis, and start showing you how to create more advanced applications. This will include using more components, creating menus, and modifying the about dialog. This chapter builds on the foundation of the last chapter so it is imperative that you understand the material from chapter 15. If you do not, then please go back and review that chapter.

This chapter will also give you a brief introduction to SDI and MDI applications. SDI applications are Single Document Interface applications.

Essentially that is an application that can view one document at a time. If you have ever used Notepad or Wordpad in Microsoft Windows, then you have used Single Document Interface applications. MDI applications are Multiple Document Interface applications. If you have used Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel™, then you have used Multiple Document Interface applications.

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