Section 13.3. Use AdWords as an SEO Tool

13.3. Use AdWords as an SEO Tool

As core SEO becomes simply one of the tools used to advertise destinations on the Web, it makes sense to supplement pure SEO with targeted CPCCost per Clickprograms, such as that provided by Google AdWords.

AdWords should be used as an auxiliary to SEO programs, not as the primary focus of an SEO campaign. Attention should be paid to distinguishing within AdWords between content and search ads.

Note: Search ads, which appear on Google search results pages, are generally worth paying more for per click than content ads, which appear on web pages enrolled in the Google AdSense program.

As an auxiliary SEO tool, the best approach with AdWords is oblique: don't target your primary SEO keywords (you can rely on SEO for this) as much as conceptually related topics that might draw visitors who might otherwise overlook your site. For example, a relationship and dating site might use AdWords to target people interested in Meg Ryan movies such as Sleepless in Seattle.

Tip: A benefit of using AdWords as part of your SEO campaign is that it is very easy to track results because you know when your targets get clicked.

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