Have you ever wanted to lounge on a beach chair at a fancy resort and surf the Internet? Connect and get your email in a coffee shop such as Starbucks, or one inside a Borders bookstore? Get your email while waiting at an airport? Put together some computers in your home so that they can share files or access to the Internet without drilling holes or snaking snarled wires from one computer to another? Do your work using your laptop from your garden patio?

With your laptop that uses Intel Centrino mobile technology and a public hotspot that uses the wireless networking technology known as Wi-Fi, you can do all these things, and more.

This book shows you how.

I don't assume that you know anything about Wi-Fi, or about any of the related topics, such as how to set up a network of computers. You'll find everything you need to take your wireless computer on the road, and to set up a wireless network, right here between these pages. You'll also learn how to get the most out of your Centrino laptop and wireless technology in general.

So step right up and get ready to enter a wonderful new world without wires!

In this book, I hope you'll find inspiration as well as practical information. I believe that Wi-Fi wireless networking is a technology that has the power to have a huge and positive impact. You can harness that power simply with your Centrino laptop.

This is wonderful material, and it's a lot of fun! So what are you waiting for? It's time to Wi-Fi with your Centrino laptop!

Anywhere Computing with Laptops. Making Mobile Easier
Anywhere Computing with Laptops. Making Mobile Easier
ISBN: 789733277
Year: 2004
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