Where to Buy Your Wi-Fi Antenna

As I mentioned earlier in this chapter, if you want to buy an antenna cheaply, you might have good luck on eBay. I recently tried the terms "RF antenna" and "Wi-Fi antenna" on eBay and found quite a few items for auction, with almost none priced above $25.

If you decide to buy your antenna in a more conventional way, you should go to a company with a Web presence that specializes in RF antennas and related equipment. These companies include

  • CushCraft Corporation: http://www.cushcraft.com

  • Fleeman, Anderson & Bird: http://www.fab-corp.com

  • HyperLink Technologies: http://www.hyperlinktech.com (wholesale only)

  • Jefa Tech: http://www.jefatech.com

  • Maxrad: http://www.maxrad.com

  • Sharper Concepts: http://www.sharperconcepts.com (a retail subsidiary of HyperLink Technologies)

  • Til-Tek Antennas: http://www.tiltek.com

  • WiFi-Plus: http://www.wifi-plus.com

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Anywhere Computing with Laptops. Making Mobile Easier
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