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TCP/IP port filtering, configuring
TCP/IP stack and IIS (Internet Information Services)
TechNet, decrypting descriptions for logged entries
technology-based security mechanisms
telephone lines
        as risk factors
        controlling security vulnerability for
templates, security [See security templates]
temporary remote access
TGTs (ticket-granting tickets)
        accessing resources on file servers
        forwardable tickets
theft of computers, reality of
ticket-granting tickets (TGTs)
        accessing resources on file servers
       maximum life for
                renewals of user tickets
                service tickets
                user tickets
tokens, security
traffic, network [See network traffic]
transitive trusts
        Active Directory
        Windows NT
transmissions, securing
Transport Layer Security (TLS) and public key encryption
traveling with laptops, educating users about
trees (Active Directory)
triple-DES (3DES) encryption algorithm
trojan horses, installed by unsigned code
trust relationships, securing
trusted forests
trusted root certificates
Trusted Root Certification Authorities store
        Active Directory
        Windows NT
two-way trusts (Active Directory)


Securing Windows Server 2003
Securing Windows Server 2003
ISBN: 0596006853
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 139

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