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IAS (Internet Authentication Service)
ICF (Internet Connection Firewall)
iesacls.inf template
IIS (Internet Information Services) 2nd
        authenticating users
        configuring desired services
        configuring to require authentication
        dedicated servers, using
        enabling advanced functionality
        how it works
        port numbers , using
        processing incoming/outgoing traffic
        security problems with
        supporting ASP.NET
        supporting CGI and ASP applications
        TCP/IP stack and
        using it securely
        using NTFS file permissions
IIS Lockdown tool
        not recommended for cleaning up
IIS Manager console
IKE (Internet Key Exchange)
        verifying IPSec operation with logging in Security Log
impersonation features (Kerberos) 2nd
        certificate revocation lists
        received certificates
intermediate CA (certificate authority)
Internet Authentication Service (IAS)
Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)
Internet Explorer Security ACLS template
Internet Information Services [See IIS]
Internet Services Manager snap-in
Internet zone rules
        for identifying applications
        use caution with
interoperability benefits for Active Directory, provided by Kerberos
interoperability of Kerberos
intranet web servers, secure thoroughly
invalid certificates [See CRLs]
IP addresses
        clients leasing from servers
        managing, with DHCP
        obtaining without using DHCP
        using restrictions to secure web servers
IP Security (IPSec) 2nd
        authentication supported by Windows Server 2003
        benefits of
        blocking network traffic
                interaction among
        configuring clients/servers through Group Policy
        configuring for certificate-based authentication
        deploying to Windows computers
        disallowing traffic to bypass filter rules
        for domain controller communication/replication
        drawbacks of
        driver or core engine
        how it works
        judicious use of
        Microsoft components
        network adapters for
        network traffic analyzers and
        performance issues with
        Policy Agent
        restricting servers to highly secure communication
        securing network transmissions
        using with non-Microsoft clients
        verifying operation
                with Application and Security event logs
                with IKE logging in Security Log
                with IP Security Monitor
                with IPSecCmd tool
                with netsh tool
        vs. SMB signing
        in Windows Server 2003, improvements to
IP Security Monitor
        verifying IPSec operation with
IP Security Policy Wizard 2nd
IPSec tunnels, sending domain controller communication across networks with
IPSecCmd tool, verifying IPSec operation with
ISAKMP (Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol) 2nd
ISAPI extensions, disabled by IIS
issuing CA (certificate authority)
issuing certificates automatically
issuing smart cards to users
IUSR account
IWAM account


Securing Windows Server 2003
Securing Windows Server 2003
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Year: 2006
Pages: 139

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