STEP 06 optimizing the CPU

After the 3D object has been imported into the symbol (mine is called cpu_rotate) and centered in the window, it's ready to be optimized. This involves deleting extraneous geometry, which reduces filesize (enormously) and gives the object a look that truly sings.

To do this, start by selecting the artwork in every frame (follow the preceding steps 14), then follow these steps:

  1. Select Modify > Break Apart or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-B / Cmd-B). Exercise this once or twice (see (see figure 05:09):

    Figure 05:09.


    The object, which was previously grouped, has been broken into a collection of loose, geometric forms (mostly rectangles). These loose forms are free to be dragged away or deleted from the rest of the artwork. Carefully delete the extraneous geometry. This is a quick way to get rid of geometry that might have defined a backface or some other inconsequential element. At this point, it may only be possible to delete a few of the objects (rectangles or triangles ), especially if your model was built simply and efficiently .

    Figure 05:10 shows what the CPU looks like with some of the geometry removed (and everything has deselected).

    Figure 05:10.


  2. Next, after choosing Select All again, repeat step 1 until the artwork is completely broken down into line segments (see (see figure 05:11).

    Figure 05:11.


Now, delete any line segment from the artwork that doesn't either define that CPU's shape or fit your intended style. Figure 05:12 shows what I ended up with.

Figure 05:12.


Exercise the previous two simple steps for every frame in the animation. The results are often stunning. This animation, when fully optimized, weighs in at only 2k and plays smoothly with a full ten frames (see (see figure 05:13).

Figure 05:13.



A good tip to use when deleting geometry, especially single lines, is to hold down the Delete key while clicking on the things you want to delete. The offending geometry is zapped away the moment you click.

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