the 3D modeling PROGRAM

Electing the right 3D modeler helps to keep production time low and manageable. There are a variety of options for both low- and high-end users. For the beginner (or just the impatient) we recommend Adobe Dimensions. Available on the PC and the Mac, Dimensions is a versatile application that is both affordable and easy to learn. Be forewarned, however, that Dimensions isn't the most precise modeler (nor is it meant to be), but it shines when the job calls for a quick text treatment or a simple object render. For these reasons, we chose it to help us demonstrate the first part of our 3D production phase: building the object. Other good modelers include FormZ from auto.des.sys, and 3D Studio MAX from Kinetix. These programs are more intensive and have a greater learning curve than Dimensions, but they offer modeling environments that are far more flexible and precise.

In general, consider these issues when looking into a modeler for 3D Flash production:

  • The simplicity of the modeler. How quickly can the object be created?

  • The modeler's view options. How precisely can the user manipulate the camera?

  • The modeler's export options. Does the modeler export the model in a 2D vector format (typically Adobe Illustrator)?

If you're already experienced with 3D graphics, be sure that your modeler has the capability to export your chosen view of the object in a flat, vector format (usually Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand). This feature is crucial to 3D in Flash, and will save you enormous amounts of time over other techniques, such as hand-tracing (decidedly not much of a technique).

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