<cfschedule          action = "update/delete/run"          task = "taskname"          operation = "HTTPRequest"          file = "filename"          path = "path_to_file"          startDate = "date"          startTime = "time"          url = "URL"          publish = "Yes" or "No"          endDate = "date"          endTime = "time"          interval = "seconds"          requestTimeOut = "seconds"          username = "username"          password = "password"          resolveURL = "Yes" or "No"          proxyServer = "hostname"          port = "port_number"          proxyPort = "port_number"> 


To help improve application performance where dynamic data is not essential, this tag provides an interface to the scheduling engine and enables pages to be run at set intervals. Information supplied by the user should include the scheduled page to execute, the time and frequency of execution, and whether to publish the task output.


action (Required)

  • delete. Deletes task.

  • update. Creates task if one does not exist.

  • run. Executes task.

task (Required)

Name of task.

operation (Required if action = "update")

Task that scheduler performs. For static page generation, the only option is "HTTPRequest".

file (Required if publish = "Yes")

Filename for the published file.

path (Required if publish = "Yes")

Path location for the published file.

startDate (Required if action = "update")

Date when the task scheduling starts.

startTime (Required if action = "update")

Time when scheduling of the task starts.

url (Required if action = "update")

URL to execute.

publish (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, save the result to a file.

endDate (Optional)

Date when the scheduled task ends.

endTime (Optional)

Time when the scheduled task ends.

interval (Required if action = "update")

Default: One hour. Interval at which the task is scheduled. Options include seconds (minimum is 60), once, daily, weekly, and monthly.

requestTimeOut (Optional)

Customizes requestTimeOut for the task operation.

username (Optional)

Username if the URL is protected.

password (Optional)

Password that corresponds to the username.

proxyServer (Optional)

Host name or IP address of a proxy server.

resolveURL (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, resolves links in result page to absolute references.

port (Optional)

Default: 80. Server port number from which the task is scheduled. If resolveURL= "yes", retrieved document URLs that specify a port number are automatically resolved to preserve links in the retrieved document.

proxyPort (Optional)

Default: 80. Port number on proxy server from which task is requested.

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