<cfform name = "name"          action = "form_action"          preserveData = "Yes" or "No"          onSubmit = "javascript"          target = "window_name"          encType = "type"          passThrough = "HTML_attribute(s)"          codeBase = "URL"          archive = "URL" >  ...  </cfform> 


Used instead of a normal form tag, when you want to take advantage of built-in ColdFusion functionalities, such as CFINPUT, CFTEXTINPUT, CFSILDER, CFTREE, and CFSELECT.


name (Optional)

A name for the form.

action (Optional)

Name of the ColdFusion page to execute when form is submitted.

preserveData (Optional)

Whether to override (preserve the display of) default data entered in controls in the action page display after the user submits the form.

onSubmit (Optional)

Enables the use of JavaScript before the form is submitted for such functionality as client-side validation.

target (Optional)

Window or frame to which form output is sent.

encType (Optional)

Default: application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME type to encode data sent by the post method. It is recommended that you use the default.

passThrough (Optional)

For HTML attributes that are not supported by CFFORM. Attributes and values are passed to the HTML code that is generated for the tag.

codeBase (Optional)

This attribute only works with Internet Explorer and gives a URL of a downloadable Java Runtime Environment (JRE) plug-in. Default is /ColdFusionIDE/classes/

archive (Optional)

URL for downloadable Java classes for ColdFusion controls. Default is /ColdFusionIDE/classes/ColdFusionJava2.jar.

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