Restore from Backup

With luck, you'll never have to use the email restore procedures, but they can certainly be a lifesaver if an email file becomes corrupted and you lose all 137 of those emails regarding your report.

To restore in Outlook Express:


Close Outlook Express, and in Windows Explorer, navigate to your Store Folder location. Remember, this folder is hidden, so you might have to tweak the Folder Options and display hidden files and folders first.


Move the .dbx file that won't open into an alternate location. It's probably best to create a new folder.


Copy your backup .dbx file into the Store Folder and restart Outlook Express.

Now you should be able to work with the OE folder once again, though it won't contain the changes since you created the latest backup. Note, too, that if you're copying from a CD, the file might have the "read-only" attribute set. Right-click the .dbx file and choose Properties to confirm and/or correct this so that new email can be added to the restored file.

To restore email in Outlook, you simply perform the opposite process of creating the backup. You simply Import the .pst file, rather than Export, as follows:


In the Outlook window, click File | Import and Export.


In the Import and Export dialog box, choose the "Import from another program of file" option and click Next.


Now choose the Personal Folder File (.pst) type and click Next again.


From the File to Import dialog box, shown in Figure 12-11, choose the backed up file you're importing from, and select the appropriate duplicate items option. Click Next.

Figure 12-11. Importing from backup.


Once again, you can choose whether to import the entire .pst file or just a portion thereof. Select the folder to import, where to import it, and choose the subfolder option if desired. Click Finish, and Outlook performs the restore operation.

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