The Windows Key

Another key that can significantly reduce clicking is the Windows key. This oft-forgotten key is included on most keyboards today, usually sitting next to the Alt key. (Laptop computers vary on where they have room to place this keyon mine, it's crammed in the top-right corner and is about the size of a coffee ground, so it's not quite as easy to access as on some laptops.)

Of course, you know the cardinal function of this key already: it displays the Start menu. This can be a good way to launch a program without having to reach for the mouse (or pointstick, touchpad, etc.).

Another helpful shortcut combines the Windows key with the M key. This is the command to "minimize all windows," otherwise known as the "Quick, here comes the boss/spouse/etc." command.

To restore all windows, use the Windows+Shift+M key combination. Other useful Windows key shortcuts are presented in Table 7-2.

Table 7-2. Helpful Windows Key Shortcuts




Opens the System Properties dialog box


Shows the Desktop


Opens My Computer


Opens the Run dialog box


Opens the Windows Help and Support Center

For a complete listing of all the wonderful things you can do with the Windows key, perform a search in the Help and Support Center on "keyboard shortcuts."

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