Section 76. Using Mixed Ink Colors

#76. Using Mixed Ink Colors

In addition to creating and applying spot and process colors, tints, and gradients, you can create mixed ink colors that combine a spot color with one or more spot or process colors. For example, if you're working on a publication that uses black and one Pantone color, you can create a mixed ink color that combines a tint of black and the Pantone color.

To create a mixed ink color:


Open the Swatches palette (Window > Swatches) and choose New Mixed Ink Swatch from the Swatches palette menu.


In the New Mixed Ink Swatch dialog box (Figure 76a), enter a name for the mixed ink. (It's a good idea to include the names and percentages of the component colors.)

Figure 76a. The New Mixed Ink Swatch dialog box lets you create a swatch that combines tints of one or more colors. In this example, a spot colorPantone 240is mixed with a 10% tint of black.


Click the empty square to the left of each color you want to include.


For each color you choose, enter a tint value from 0% to 100% by adjusting the slider or entering a value in the % field.


When you're done choosing colors and specifying tints, click OK to add the mixed ink color to the Swatches palette and close the dialog box, or click Add to add the mixed ink color to the Swatches palette and keep the dialog box open so you can add more mixed ink colors. After you create a mixed ink color, you can apply it to text and objects, and fills and strokes in the same way as you apply spot and process colors.

You can create mixed ink color swatches one at a time by choosing New Mixed Ink Swatch from the Swatches palette menu, or you can choose New Mixed Ink Group to create several variations of a particular combination of colors at once. In the New Mixed Ink Group dialog box (Figure 76b), select the colors you want to include by clicking the empty box next to them. For each color specify:

  • The percentage of the starting tint in the Initial field.

  • The number of times you want to repeat the increment in the Repeat field.

  • The amount of change between tints in the Increment field.

Figure 76b. The New Mixed Ink Group dialog box lets you mix several combinations of tints and colors at once. In this example, a Pantone spot colorPantone 240is combined with black. Then, 10% tint increments of Pantone 240 (starting at 10% and repeating 9 times) are mixed with 10% tint increments of black (starting at 10% and repeating 4 times). These settings produce a group with 50 mixed ink colors. You can see the first five colors in the Swatch Preview area.

Can't Create a Mixed Ink Color?

The Create New Mixed Ink command is available in the Swatches palette menu only if the Swatches palette list includes at least one spot color. A mixed ink color must have at least one spot color.

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