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designing highly useable software
Designing Highly Useable Software
by Jeff Cogswell ISBN:0782143016
Sybex 2004 (342 pages)

This guide teaches you how to think about and plan for the needs of your users/administrators before writing your first line of code, making your applications more sensible to users.

Table of Contents
Designing Highly Useable Software
Part I - Keeping It Simple
Chapter 1 - The UUI—The Useable User Interface
Chapter 2 - Modeling the Real World
Chapter 3 - Laying Out Your Windows and Dialog Boxes
Chapter 4 - Managing Your Software’s Time
Chapter 5 - Highly Navigable Software
Chapter 6 - Data, Reports, and Printouts
Chapter 7 - Adding a Web Interface
Part II - The Lonely Engineer
Chapter 8 - Under the Hood
Chapter 9 - When Your Software Starts, Stops, or Dies a Quick Death
Chapter 10 - Modularity and Libraries
Chapter 11 - Object-Oriented Pontificating
Part III - The Business of It All—It’s “Dollars and Sense”
Chapter 12 - A Very Gross National Product: Business and Software Problems
Chapter 13 - Testing, Testing, Testing
Chapter 14 - Installing, Training, and Helping
Chapter 15 - Book in a Book—A Guide for Programming Bosses
Appendix A - Software Design Resources
List of Figures
List of Real World Scenarios
List of Sidebars

Designing Highly Useable Software
Designing Highly Useable Software
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