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-I command-line switch 
-i command-line option
    modifying files with 
    writing filters 
/i pattern-matching modifier 
I/O layers  2nd  3rd 
    crlf  2nd  3rd 
    raw  2nd 
    reading and writing Unicode from filehandles 
    setting default 
    stdio  2nd 
    unix  2nd 
I/O operations
    access modes 
    buffering  2nd  3rd  4th 
    controlling for other programs 
    flushing output 
    preprocessing input 
    random-access I/O 
    reading and writing to other programs 
If-Modified-Since header 
Image::Magick module 
    adding text to 
imaginary numbers 
implementing sparse arrays 
importing from modules  2nd 
@INC array 
indents  [See whitespace]
    fixed-length records program 
    of hash elements 
indirect notation 
indirect object notation 
inet_ntoa( )  2nd 
infix (->) notation 
inheritance  2nd 
initializers  [See constructors]
    arrays and lists 
Inline::C module 
inner( ) 
inode structure 
    comma-separated, parsing 
    controlling for other programs  2nd 
    executing shell commands from 
    expanding variables in 
    Expect-controlled programs and 
    extracting variable-length fields 
    from HTML forms [input
        HTML forms  [See CGI programming]
    line input operator  2nd 
    managing multiple streams 
    parsing command-line arguments 
    random-access I/O 
        from keyboard 
        from other programs 
        records with pattern separators 
        STDERR from programs 
    waiting, checking for 
    modules from CPAN 
    signal handlers 
instance data
    circular data structures 
instance methods  2nd 
int( ) 
integers  [See also numbers][See also numbers]
    integer truncation 
interactivity, testing for 
internal redirection 
    localization, first week of the year 
    domain sockets 
Internet services 
    accessing LDAP server 
    DNS lookups 
    expn and vrfy programs 
    FTP client 
    mail  [See email]
    pinging machines 
    remote procedure calls 
    simulating telnet connection 
    SOAP client 
    SOAP server 
    Usenet news 
    XML-RPC client 
    XML-RPC server 
intersections on lists  2nd 
inverting hashes 
IO::File module 
IO::Handle module  2nd  3rd  4th 
IO::Multiplex module 
IO::Pty module 
IO::Select module  2nd  3rd 
IO::Socket module 
    closing socket after forking 
    TCP, communicating over 
    UDP clients/servers 
IO::Socket::INET class 
IO::Socket::SSL module 
IO::Socket::UNIX module 
IO::Stty module 
IO::Tee module 
ioctl( )  2nd 
    return values 
IP addresses
    determining your own 
    DNS lookups 
    expn and vrfy programs 
    identifying socket ends 
    multihomed servers 
    packed, converting to ASCII strings 
IPC::Open2 module 
IPC::Open3 module 
IPC::Shareable module 
is_numeric( ) 
is_safe( ) 
isa( ) 
iterations  [See arrays lists]
iterator variables 

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