Section 7.6. Chapter Summary

7.6. Chapter Summary

  • The bootloader's role in an embedded system cannot be overstated. It is the first piece of software that takes control upon applying power.

  • This chapter examined the role of the bootloader and discovered the limited execution context in which a bootloader must exist.

  • Das U-Boot has become a popular universal bootloader for many processor architectures. It supports a large number of processors, reference hardware platforms, and custom boards.

  • U-Boot is configured using a series of configuration variables in a board-specific header file. Appendix B, contains a list of all the standard U-Boot command sets supported in a recent U-Boot release.

  • Porting U-Boot to a new board based on a supported processor is relatively straightforward. In this chapter, we walked through the steps of a typical port to a board with similar support in U-Boot.

  • There is no substitute for detailed knowledge of your processor and hardware platform when bootloader modification or porting must be accomplished.

  • We briefly introduced additional bootloaders in use today so you can make an informed choice for your particular requirements.

7.6.1. Suggestions for Additional Reading

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Using LD, the GNU linker
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Lilo Bootloader

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