Chapter 5. Kernel Initialization

In this chapter

  • Composite Kernel Image: Piggy and Friends page 100

  • Initialization Flow of Control page 109

  • Kernel Command Line Processing page 114

  • Subsystem Initialization page 121

  • The init Thread page 123

  • Chapter Summary page 128

When the power is applied to an embedded Linux system, a complex sequence of events is started. After a few seconds, the Linux kernel is operational and has spawned a series of application programs as specified by the system init scripts. A significant portion of these activities are governed by system configuration and are under the control of the embedded developer.

This chapter examines the initial sequence of events in the Linux kernel. We take a detailed look at the mechanisms and processes used during kernel initialization. We describe the Linux kernel command line and its use to customize the Linux environment on startup. With this knowledge, you will be able to customize and control the initialization sequence to meet the requirements of your particular embedded system.

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