The Project Launch Meeting


Integrated Project Management
By Earl Hall, Juliane Johnson
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Chapter 12.  Project Execution

At the project launch meeting, the project manager will cover the following points with the team. During project execution, the project manager intends to:

  • Ensure that each task without a predecessor starts immediately.

  • Ensure that each subsequent task starts on schedule, by keeping in touch with the successor's task leaders.

  • Practice walk-about management and keep task leaders communicating with each other.

  • Keep the operations Gantt chart up-to-date with printouts posted and replaced at regular intervals.

  • Support task leaders in securing any necessary resources.

  • Support task leaders in using reserves, when necessary.

  • Maintain discipline and order within the project.

  • Give special attention to the preparation of the user documentation.

  • Gather information for and prepare the project report. He or she should keep a project diary.

  • Schedule milestone meetings; publicize, schedule, and prepare agendas for the meetings.

  • Give special attention to the successful achievement of the project outcomes!

  • Convene and lead the post project review.

  • Plan and implement a project closure celebration.


    Integrated Project Management
    Integrated Project Management
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