Chapter 12. Publish Your Site


71 Configure the Settings to Publish Your Site

72Publish Your Page

73 Validate Your Site

After you have built your pages in Composer, you need to upload the pages to your server. Composer uses a process called File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ) to move files across the Internet to your website. FTP is like HTTP, the protocol you use to browse and view web pages, but instead of enabling you to view pages, it lets you move files from your machine to a machine in a remote location over the Internet.


Some free web servers (such as GeoCities) don't allow you to use FTP because it is part of the premium service. If you bought the premium service from GeoCities, you will be able to upload your files from Composer to your site without any trouble. If you are using the free service discussed in Chapter 4, "Getting Started Building Web Pages on GeoCities," you are going to have to use the GeoCities File Manager to upload your files or you are going to have to upgrade your account to one of the premium accounts at GeoCities. FTP is common, though, so knowing how it works will help you down the road.

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