Section 171. About Selling Cars and Vehicles

171. About Selling Cars and Vehicles


124 About Selling on eBay

Why sell your car on eBay? After all, you have local newspapers where you can place classified ads, so why bother to go to the trouble of listing your car online?

The answer is simple: reach and money. When you list your car on eBay, you reach far more people than your local newspaper can. And when you reach more people, you're more likely to get more money for your car.

Additionally, you can get people to bid against one another, with the possibility of getting a higher price than if you list a single price on a classified ad.

Finally, eBay lets you provide much more detail in a listing than you can in a classified ad, including an entire gallery of photographs of your car or vehicle.

When selling your vehicle on eBay, you must also do more preparation than when listing it in a newspaper classified ad. Because you'll be in direct competition with many others selling their cars, you must do your homework about pricing and be smart about how you describe your car.


If you choose to sell your car on eBay, you're not alone. According to eBay, some 300,000 vehicles were sold on the site in 2003.

When selling a car, you follow the same basic steps as selling any other item on eBay, although with a few important differences. We cover how to prepare for selling and how to sell your car in 172 Use the "Sell Your Vehicle" Checklist and 173 List Your Vehicle .

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