Moving an Object

Publisher also enables you to move your objects on your publication pages. Any selected frame can be moved using the mouse.

Follow these steps to move an object:

  1. Click anywhere on an object to select it.

  2. Place the mouse pointer on any of the border edges surrounding the object (do not place the mouse pointer on the sizing handles). A Move pointer appears.

  3. Drag the object to a new position on the page.


Snapping Objects to Grid and Ruler Guides Another way you can position objects with more accuracy is to turn on the Snap to Guides feature (select Arrange , point at Snap, and then select To Guides ). Objects then snap to the nearest grid line guides. For more about guides, see Lesson 5, "Working with Existing Publications."

You might find that you want to fine-tune the position of an object in reference to other objects on a page. This can be done using the Nudge feature.

  1. Click anywhere on an object to select it.

  2. Select the Arrange menu, and then point at Nudge .

  3. The Nudge menu appears. Select Up, Down, Left, or Right to "nudge" the object in that direction.

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