Creating Tables Without the Wizard

Although the Table Wizard provides an easy method for quickly creating tables, it does not provide you with complete control over all the aspects of creating the table's structure. It does allow you to select the fields used in the table from a set list, but it restricts you to only those predefined fields (there are also several types of fields, each used for a different data type).

When you work with tables you work in two different views: the Datasheet view and the Design view. The Datasheet view is used to enter, view and edit data. The Design view is available to create and edit a table's structure. Creating tables from scratch in the Design view allows you to build the table from the bottom up and gives you complete control over all aspects of the table's design.


Design View This view allows you to enter field names , select the data type that a field will hold, and customize each field's properties. A Design view is available for all the Access objects, including tables, forms, queries, and reports .

The Design view isn't the only way to create a table from scratch in Access. You can also create a table in the Datasheet view by labeling your field columns directly on the table's datasheet; this method is similar to creating a worksheet in Excel. We will take a look at both methods for creating a new table.


Datasheet View This view places each record in a separate row and each field in a separate column (column headings are provided by the field names). This view is used to enter data directly into the table. You will use the Datasheet view whenever you want to view the records in the table or add or edit records.

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