Selecting Paper Trays, Draft Quality, and Other Options

Several additional print options are also available from the Print dialog box. Each printer, depending on the features it provides, will have its own set of unique options. To access these options, click the Options button on the bottom left of the Print dialog box (see Figure 14.3).

Figure 14.3. In the Print options dialog box, you can select or deselect certain options associated with your print job.


The Print options dialog box, using a series of check boxes, gives you control over the output of the print job as well as other options. You can also select the paper tray in your printer that you want to use for the print job (this is very useful in cases where you have a specific tray for letterhead, envelopes, and so on). Several of these options are described in Table 14.1.

Table 14.1. Print Options on the Print Dialog Box



Draft Output

Prints the document faster with less resolution

Reverse Print Order

Prints pages last to first, collating your document on printers that output documents face up

Background Printing

Prints the document quickly to a memory buffer so that you can work while the output is actually sent out to the printer

Document Properties

Prints the document properties

When you have finished selecting the various options for the printing of your document, click the OK button. You are returned to the Print dialog box. When you are ready to print the document, click OK .

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