Using the Advanced Find Feature

If the Find feature doesn't provide you with enough search muscle, you can use Advanced Find to perform more detailed searches. Using the Advanced Find feature, you can set multiple search criteria such as a category, from, sent to, and subject (when searching for mail messages, additional search criteria exist for each of the other items found in Outlook).

To use the Advanced Find feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools , point at Find , and then select Advanced Find . The Advanced Find dialog box appears (see Figure 18.4).

    Figure 18.4. The Advanced Find dialog box provides you with more search parameters than the Find feature does.


  2. In the Advanced Find dialog box, set the criteria for your search using the criteria boxes found on the various tabs that appear. For example, the Advanced Find dialog box includes tabs for Messages, More Choices, and Advanced. Each tab provides more advanced methods for conducting the search.

  3. Set your search conditions on the various tabs. The More Choices tab is the same for each Outlook item and lets you search for items that have not been read or items that have an attachment.

  4. When you've finished setting your criteria, click the Find Now button. A box opens at the bottom of the Advanced Find dialog box that lists the items that have met the search criteria. To open an item, double-click it.


Save Your Advanced Search as a Search Folder Run your search in the Advanced Find dialog box. Click File and then Save Search as Search Folder . The Save Search as Search Folder dialog box will appear. Provide a name for your Search Folder and then click OK . Search Folders are discussed in the next section.

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