Using Your Visual Style

We have already discussed that you can apply your visual style from StyleBuilder. But it makes sense to add the new visual style to Style XP (the skinning engine companion to StyleBuilder) so you can apply it at your whim.

Open Style XP by selecting Start, All Programs, TGTSoft, Style XP. Make sure that Visual Styles is selected on the Style XP choice list (see Figure 8.12).

Figure 8.12. Add the new visual style to Style XP.

Click Add a New Style. The Choose a Style to Add dialog box opens. Use it to browse for the style you want to add; look in the folder you created in StyleBuilder when you began the new style. Select the visual style and then click Open. The visual style is added to the list of visual styles in Style XP. You can apply it by selecting it and then clicking Apply Style to Current Theme.

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