Arranging Icons on the Desktop

You have several options for arranging icons on the Windows desktop. One option is to drag them to a particular location on the desktop according to your own preferences.

To access the Arrange Icon options, right-click the desktop and point at Arrange Icons by. Figure 2.9 shows the options.

Figure 2.9. Several options are available for arranging the desktop icons.

The icon arrangement icons are

  • Name Arranges the icons by name in alphabetical order.

  • Size Arranges the icons in order of their sizes (not the size of the actual program file they represent).

  • Type Arranges the icons by file type. For example, if you have shortcuts to several Microsoft Word documents or other application files, the icons are arranged by the application in which they were created.

  • Modified Arranges the icons in the order the shortcut was last modified, which is typically when the icon is created.

  • Auto Arrange Arranges the icon along the left side of the desktop in columns.

  • Align to Grid Arranges the icons using a grid system (which you don't actually see on the screen). This makes aligning the icons easier.

  • Show Desktop Icons When this option is selected, any icons you have placed on the desktop are visible. If you deselect this option, the icons disappear, although they have not actually been removed from the desktop.


The options for arranging the icons on the desktop also include the Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard. The Desktop Cleanup Wizard displays a list of desktop icons that have not been used for 60 days (or more). Any icons the wizard removes are placed in an Unused Desktop Shortcuts folder that is placed on the Windows desktop. You will find that, by default, the wizard automatically runs every 60 days (if you have not run it yourself).

After selecting your option (in terms of the actual alignment options), the icons on the desktop are rearranged. This also closes the shortcut menu.

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