Chapter 13. Creating Presentations with Impress

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128 About Impress

129 Create a New Presentation

130 Insert a New Slide

131 Add Text to a Slide

132 Modify Slide Layout

133 Change Slide Design

134 Use the Object Bar

135 Insert Graphics and Other Objects

136 Select a Slide Transition

137 Add Slide Animation Effects

138 Change the Workspace View

139 Rehearse Slide Show Timings

140 Change Slide Show Settings

141 Run the Slide Show

142 Print Slides, Notes, and Handouts

Planning and then actually getting up in front of a group of people to give a presentation can be nerve wracking for even the most seasoned presenter. provides Impress, a presentation application that makes it easy for you to create a presentation that provides both insight and impact in relation to any subject matter.

In this chapter we take a look at how to create a presentation using Impress. We begin with a look at the options for creating a new presentation and then concentrate on the various aspects of creating presentation slides including the insertion of text and graphics.

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