What Is Novell Linux Desktop?

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NLD is a Linux-based desktop operating system powered by Novell's popular SUSE Linux distribution. NLD includes a number of Novell products and services and also provides open source productivity tools such as OpenOffice.org, a powerful and complete application suite.

Key Term

Distribution A particular flavor or version of Linux that has been packaged using the Linux source code and other open source software applications.

NLD provides the same kind of mouse-driven multitasking environment found in both the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating system environments. This means that you don't have to deal with a steep learning curve in terms of getting up and running in NLD.

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    Novell Linux Desktop 9. User's Handbook
    Novell Linux Desktop 9 Users Handbook
    ISBN: 0672327295
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2003
    Pages: 244
    Authors: Joe Habraken

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