Chapter 12. TCPIP Network Administration

Chapter 12. TCP/IP Network Administration

In this chapter

  • Working with IP addresses

  • Working with DHCP

  • Understanding DNS

  • Understanding IP routing and subnetting

  • Introducing IPv6

In Chapter 5, "Network Protocols: Real and Imagined," the basics of the TCP/IP protocol stack were discussed. TCP/IP has become the de facto standard for networking. In this chapter we look at issues related to IP addressing and the TCP/IP protocol stack, including name resolution (DNS) and the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), which allows you to dynamically assign IP addresses, subnet masks, and other information related to IP to network clients . We will also look at how IP communication takes place via ports and sockets. A basic primer on IP subnetting and IP routing are also provided, as is a discussion of the newest version of IP, IPv6.

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