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10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
By Joe Habraken
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Lesson 5.  Creating a Table from Scratch

After you feel comfortable creating new tables in the Design view, you might want to dive right in and create tables in the Datasheet view. Creating tables this way immediately creates a table with 20 field columns and 30 record rows. This method still requires, however, that you enter the Table Design view to specify the key field, the field data types, field descriptions, and any field property changes.

Creating tables in the Datasheet view is really useful only if you feel the need to quickly enter some data into the table before setting up the table's properties. To create a table in the Datasheet view, follow these steps:

  1. In the database window (with the Table icon selected), double-click Create Table by Entering Data . A new table in Data sheet view appears in the Access workspace (see Figure 5.4).

    Figure 5.4. Tables can be created in the Datasheet view.

  2. To enter the field names , double-click any field column heading (Field1, Field2, and so on). Then, type in the field name .

  3. After you have placed the field names, you can begin entering data.

Creating a table in the Datasheet view might be fine for quickly entering data, but you will still probably need to switch to the Table Design view at some point and set up the various field data types and properties.

You can switch to the Design view from the Datasheet view by clicking the View icon on the Table Datasheet toolbar. Remember to save any changes to the table's design that you make in the Design view.

In this lesson, you learned to create a table in the Design view and the Datasheet view. You also learned about the different field data types. In the next lesson, you learn how to edit and enhance your table's structure.


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