Chapter 6. The Internet

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5.6 FrontPage

FrontPage helps you roll your own Web pages. The tips in this section help you get more out of FrontPage.

5.6.1 Flowing Text Around a Picture

When you place a picture on a Web page you're designing, text appears above it and below it, but not to the right of the graphic or the left. The result? Amateurish pages that have vast empty spaces.

You can instead have FrontPage flow the text around the picture, either to the right or to the left:

  1. Right-click the image .

    The Image Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Choose Picture Properties .

    Here you can control how the picture will appear on the page. Click the Appearance tab.

  3. In the Wrapping style section, choose either Left or Right .

    This choice should be straightforward, but it's actually quite confusing. When you choose left , the text wraps around the right edge of the picture. When you choose right , the text wraps around the left edge.

    The deal is that in the dialog box, left or right refers to where the picture will appear ‚ not the text ‚ as you can see if Figure 5-15.

  4. Click OK

    The text now wraps around the picture the way you want.

    Figure 5-15. When choosing to wrap text around a picture, you can also add a border to the graphic by choosing a border size from the border thickness drop-down box.

5.6.2 Watermarks

You've probably come across Web pages where the background doesn't scroll when you scroll the page. In other words, the background always stays static. That's called a watermark , and you can easily create one in FrontPage.

First, choose a background for your page. To do so, right-click the page, and then choose Page Properties. Click the Background tab, and turn on "Background picture." Click the Browse button to find a picture you want to use as your page background. To make the picture a watermark rather than a normal background, simply turn on Watermark and click OK.

Note: Watermarks don't work with all browsers, so not everyone who visits your Web site can see the background as a watermark. If someone visits your site with a browser that doesn't support watermarks, they'll see the background but it'll scroll along with the page.

5.6.3 Creating an Online Photo Gallery

If you have photos you'd like to share with the world (6,000 shots of your baby learning to eat his toes, say), an online photo gallery is a great option. But trying to arrange all those photos manually can be deadly . Instead, turn to FrontPage for easy, tidy picture galleries. Here's what to do:

  1. Put your insertion point at the spot on a page where you want to place a gallery, and then choose Insert Web Component .

    The Insert Web Component dialog box appears.

  2. Click Photo Gallery, and from the right-hand pane, choose the style of gallery you want to create .

    You'll see a thumbnail view of what each style of gallery will look like, and a description of each.

  3. Click Finish .

    FrontPage opens the Photo Gallery Properties page, which lets you place your pictures in the gallery.

  4. Click Add, and then choose Pictures from Files .

    The File Open dialog box appears. Browse to the pictures you want to put into the gallery, and select them. (To choose more than one, hold down the Ctrl key while you select multiple pictures.) Then click Open , which takes you back to the Photo Galleries Properties page, where you can see a listing of all the photos you've chosen .

  5. Change the order of the photos by highlighting a photo and clicking the Move Up or Move Down button .

    When you move a photo up, it moves closer to the front of the gallery. When you move it down, it moves closer to the end of the gallery.

  6. When you have everything arranged to your satisfaction, click OK .

    After a few seconds, FrontPage imports your photos. You can still change the order of your photos. Just right-click the gallery, and then choose Photo Gallery Properties. The Photo Gallery Property page appears. Move the photos as described in the previous step. Once you're satisfied with your gallery, continue building your Web page as you would normally, and then post it online as you would normally.

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