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Chapter 1: Planning Your Project

Eliciting Requirements Checklist
A Download Tracker Use Case
Using Microsoft Project

Chapter 4: Coding Defensively

Assertions in Other Languages

Chapter 6: Pumping Up the IDE

Alternatives to VS .NET

Chapter 7: Digging Into Source Code

The .NET Arms Race: Reflection vs. Obfuscation

Chapter 8: Generating Code

A Crash Course in SQL Injection

Chapter 11: Working with Small Teams

Why Work Alone?

Chapter 12: Creating Documentation

Help in the User Interface

Chapter 15: Delivering the Application

Handling Licensing

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Coder to Developer. Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software
Coder to Developer: Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software
ISBN: 078214327X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 118

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